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Here is the thing, anyone can learn how to dance! Online courses are a great way to start by learning at your own pace. Plus, the videos are here for you FOREVER. Watch and re-watch anytime anywhere!

  • NO EXPERIENCE NEEDED! Even if you have no dance background or have danced a longggg time ago, we got you.

  • Adults and children can both learn and benefit from our dance courses online! Adult supervision recommended for children under 12 years of age.

  • Learn at the comfort of your own home! Our step-by-step dance courses will guide you towards mastery of skill!

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The biggest step towards dance mastery is the decision to take the first step today. Let us all journey together as we embark on this new dance life!


Locking is fun!

by Denis Ho

I always look forward to Bryan's locking class. Though its tough at times, I find it fun. Plus, I finally know how to count. I think if Bryan did not take the time to teach me to count the tempo of the music, I may never learn this skill in my life. Thank you Bryan, please keep on teaching us locking dance :)

Simply Amazing!

Ashley Liew

Bryan is simply amazing! He brings such a high level of positive energy to each class and makes it such a fun environment to grow, especially for a newbie dancer like myself. He is also patient and is dedicated to ensuring beginner dancers grasp the fundamentals, while also ensuring that the more advanced dancers can develop further. Thanks Bryan and Free Movement!

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